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Pregnancy: the best diet ever.
September 12, 2008, 9:35 pm
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At least, it was the 2nd time around. When I was pregnant with BigBoy, I ate everything in sight and it SHOWED. I gained an easy 50lbs. Luckily, I managed to lose 30lbs. of it in the first few weeks after. I thought, at the time, that I would be back in my skinny jeans in no time. But, I was wrong. The weight loss plateaued, and  that was it. I walked around 20lbs overweight until I got pregnant again a year later.

With BabyBoy, I was so much sicker. I seriously puked 30 times a day for the first 4 months. And, 30 times was on a good day. I lost the 20 extra pounds I was carrying around from big boy and then some. On the day I had LittleBoy I weighed exactly what I weighed on the day I found out I was pregnant with him. He was a HUGE baby in comparison to BigBoy. They were both born 4 days before my due date. BigBoy was 7 lbs. 5 oz  and the biggest baby to date on my husband’s side of the family (My brother was 6 weeks premature and weighed 8 lbs.). Well, let me tell you, LittleBoy takes after the bigness that is my side of the family. We have nicknamed him “Tank”. He weighed 8 lbs. 12 oz at birth. 

I felt like he was a big baby when I was pregnant with him. I just knew he was bigger than our first son, because with our first son, I could still breathe and eat even in the 9th month. When I was pregnant with LittleBoy, I struggled to do both. The hubby and I would joke that my lungs must be very snuggly because LittleBoy to cuddle with them. He’d lean right up against them, for hours at a time, and I would hardly be able to breathe.

So, naturally, when random people certain family members would tell me that I was probably  wrong and he probably wouldn’t be that big of a baby I had to fight the urge to smack them silly. How the f&%$%  did they know? I was the one prancing waddling all over town with this 747-sized baby inside me.

Anyway, I have no earthly idea how our little boy got so big. There were many days during my pregnancy that all I could manage to choke down were a few saltines and apple juice. Food was pretty much dead to me. I can remember having such a strong aversion to the smell of stew cooking that I curled up into a ball and cried in pain. The smell of any sort of meat made me physically ill. I kept focusing on the fact that when it was all said and done I would have lightning-fast metabolism because I would be breastfeeding and would be able to eat anything I wanted.

I can offer a ray of hope to those going through the frustration of morning, noon and night sickness, and are planning on breastfeeding because I have been able to  eat anything and everything.

These past 8 weeks have been *glorious*! I eat at least one  Kit Kat everyday. I have TWO-PERCENT milk in my cereal, instead of skim. I down cheese crackers like there is no tommorow. Let’s just say, I’ve more than made up for the lack of appetite during that pregnancy thing.

And, most importantly, after an extended absence, size 10 jeans have made an appearance back in my wardrobe. It’s been a long time coming, people.